em-cropped-laughing-cmf1I was my father’s favorite “son” and the rambunctious child my mother tried to refine.

With Dad in his workshop I learned a love of tools and how they can work for you. Behind a sewing machine, my patient mother taught her always-impatient daughter the gift of meticulous craftsmanship. My parents were determined perfectionists in their work and I see their lessons in my craft.
Every finished piece of jewelry is built from many smaller pieces of metal. Gold, bi-metals, silver, and copper sheets are cut, hammered, filed and soldered. They go from 2-dimensional building blocks to 3-dimensional forms.

In jewelry fabrication, millimeters matter and degrees make all the difference. As a result, I have become part artist, part scientist – perfecting my craft through trial and error, creative thinking, and dogged problem solving.

All of this goes on in the high desert of Central Oregon where I live, work, and find the basis for my designs. The desert is a subtle place. The sand, stones, trees and horizon are part of its calming beauty. The desert rewards those willing to look a little closer.

My jewelry reflects this understated aesthetic. Texture layers with color. Diamonds, gemstones, and pearls are used with restraint. Each piece of jewelry holds quiet surprises – gifts to those who seek them out in the details.


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