Yeah, I’m going marry it

13 04 2009

When small, my son would ask his sister, when she said she loved something, if she was going to marry it. Three years younger, he thought he had devised the bestest of snarky remarks with which to bug his sister.

This month I have found something I want to marry. I’m not often in LOVE with technology but a new point and shoot camera has totally won me over. It started with me wanting an inexpensive “pocket” camera. A quick glance at camera reviews led me to Costco and just before we left for 2 shows, I bought one.

This little jewel is AMAZING!  First it was cheap. Under $200. It of course shoots great photos, plus it keeps voice memo’s-so you remember why you took some random photo, it rotates the images as I review them, it chirps when I turn it on, and WOOFS when I snap a pic. The woof tickles the heck outta me. Drives my photog friend Tom, crazy.

But best of all, this deckofcards piece of technology takes movies! And not bad movies at that. No more will I try to capture a series of photos to get the sense of something too big for a 4″ x 6″ picture. Now I can just slide the button over to movie mode and off I go.

Vermilion Cliffs-Northern Arizona, on a VERY windy day

The dot sez I’ve reached a new level of dorkiness. The son sez, “No, I don’t need a new camera, I have a REAL video camera, Mom.” Well, yeah, but not one he can slip in his shirt pocket.

If you need a new camera, get this one. Canon PowerShot SD790IS. Itsa hoot. AND yeah, you’ll wanna MARRY it.





4 responses

14 04 2009

Dear Carla Fox,

You are so mistaken, and I will “school you” in a what is most desirable. The superior camera to take photos and digital video is the Canon PowerShot TX1, A quick search on Amazon will show you that this little power pack is, as the kids say, “Where it’s at.”

If I ever come (invited) to your home in Cornsilk, I will bring it along.

15 04 2009

Dear Mr. Galoot:
Good Grief it costs $600+! If it is so fine, why are you taking photos with a cell phone? Buy the camera you want, I’m happy with my little pocketed powershot, that costs under $200!
No, Canon is not paying me or Mr Galoot for product placement ads. I wish they were. Sigh.

19 04 2009

I have the Sony Cyber-shot which sounds comparable except for the woofing. Now I feel so distraught. If only my camera barked at me I would be cool like Carla.

19 04 2009

My Photog Friends sez its a Japanese camera thingy, as his German camera’s don’t come with sounds. So back to your instruction book, or just play with your Sony, that’s how I found my sounds.

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