We’ve been Burgled!

2 04 2009

My friend Jan left my house laughing. I had delighted her. She was sent in to retrieve a piece of equipment we had left behind and ship it to us at a show. Our house was tossed, tumbled, destroyed!messy-house

She immediately called us as we drove south to the show, to tell us how much she enjoyed plowing her way through the our getting-ready-for-the-show house mess. She felt so much better about her housekeeping once she’d seen the mine.

My inner Oscar smiled at her amusement. I do what I can to make my friends happy. My hubby’s inner Felix, sighed. After a long marriage he’s given up trying to keep order in every day of our lives. Sometimes, more often then not, mess happens.

As Jan & I hung up, I observed….”Well at least if the burglars break in they will take nothing….they’ll figure someone else got there before them.” Felix/Dave, smiled, rolled his eyes, and drove on.





4 responses

15 04 2009
Pam Caidin

I knew you were a kindred spirit…

15 04 2009
Pam Caidin

I knew you were a kindred spirit… “inner oscar”; i’m going to steal that one.

15 04 2009
Pam Caidin

oops, didn’t know about the “awaiting moderation”.

19 04 2009
Bonnie Blandford

So nice to hear that others also leave for shows with their homes looking like a storm hit indoors. It’s like tornado debris when I’m trying to get out of town for a show! The hard part is coming home to it! Great post!

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